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Concertina Hat

The Concertina Hat is inspired by Chrysopelea paradisi, the Paradise Tree Snake. One of a small group of snakes from Southeast Asia that can “fly”, it climbs trees and then leaps from branches to glide away. Concertina is the method of movement snakes use to climb a vertical surface; they form tight curves in their bodies to build energy before springing upward to gain height.

Child wearing yellow, pink, and purple hat with large wavy textured pattern. Child and man wearing hats with large wavy textured pattern. Man wearing black, green, yellow, and orange hat with large wavy textured pattern.

Don’t panic about purling - this reverse-stockinette hat is 95% knit stitches because it’s worked inside out! It uses short row sections of variable heights to create a distorted line of stitches through the middle of the hat. This also pools and shifts the colours of variegated yarn around so that they create unique patterns. Meant to be snugly fit, this hat is available in six sizes from toddler to adult and it features a decorative reverse-garter-rib cuff.

This pattern requires the knitter to be able to knit in the round (both on circular needles and double-pointed needles) and clearly explains all techniques required, including German short rows. Within the pattern you will find links to useful video tutorials as well, so the pattern is accessible to an intermediate knitter.

This pattern is designed to accentuate variegated yarns that pool as well as self-striping yarns. The serpentine effect may be more difficult to see in a solid or randomly-speckled colourway. However, the short rows always provide a three-dimensional effect, and it is possible to do the wavy middle section in a solid contrast colour to highlight it against a background of any type of colour, if desired.

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