Text: The Periwinkle Dragon Purple dragon eye with yarn ball and text: Original knitting patterns by Carolyn Lisle Text: The Periwinkle Dragon Purple dragon eye with yarn ball and text: Original knitting patterns by Carolyn Lisle

About Me

Black and white photo of a woman with pops of pink in her hair and on her earrings.

I taught myself to knit more than 15 years ago, and I love to come up with new ideas about knitting! Although I'm often trying out something unique with my patterns, “easier than they look” is my goal — I provide lots of video tutorial links for required techniques, and all patterns are edited and tested to ensure quality and clarity. Individual assistance with pattern instructions is provided via email with a 24-48 hour response time.

As a dedicated science nerd, my designs are often inspired by natural phenomena and the diversity of life on Earth. However, I'm mostly just a weirdo who gets inspired by all kinds of random things! Looking for socks inspired by fungus? What about weird bugs? Crosswalks? Obsolete computer equipment? Dinosaur temperature regulation? It's all here! I love bright colours, and once in a while I do something that's truly ridiculous!

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All patterns offered for sale on this website are digital PDF documents. After payment, you will receive an email at the address provided at checkout with a download link to access your file(s); please check your junk/spam folder if you do not see this email within one hour of purchase. If you choose to request a Ravelry library copy of your purchase(s) at checkout, note that this is a manual process and therefore it can take up to 48 hours for me to process it. You will receive an email directly from Ravelry when it has been completed.

As the patterns for sale on this website are instant-download products, returns are not accepted and purchases are non-refundable. If you experience technical issues with your pattern file(s), please email me for assistance.

With your digital pattern purchase, you also receive indefinite access to all future versions of that pattern. Simply opt in to receive email updates at checkout, and you will be notified of these document updates via email to the address you provided at the time of purchase. You will not receive any other communication from me without your express consent, and you can opt out of pattern updates at any time by replying to an update email with "unsubscribe". If you wish to be informed when a new pattern is released, you can opt in to receiving marketing-related emails by signing up for my newsletter.

All pattern purchases on this website are processed using PayPal via Payhip's checkout system. Be aware that while PayPal theoretically offers debit/credit card "guest" checkout, in some countries and for some individuals this option may be unavailable; this is due to local banking regulations and cannot be overridden by PayPal or by myself. Please email me if you believe you have had a technical issue at checkout and you require assistance to resolve it.

Note that all prices as listed are in Canadian dollars; conversion to other currencies is done by the payment provider (PayPal) and all conversion rates and fees are set by them. Prices as they appear in the cart are "before taxes"; based on your location, Payhip will automatically add the appropriate sales taxes (such as EU VAT) to your cart total before collecting payment, if required by law. All products are appropriately categorized as eBooks on the back end (with registered ISBNs) to ensure the sales tax rates applied to purchases are as accurate as possible. Payhip collects these taxes immediately upon payment and remits them to the appropriate authorities on my behalf.

High-quality, professionally-printed versions of my patterns for yarn store sales, clubs, kits, classes, gifting, and more are available through Magcloud. Orders placed on that site are subject to their stated terms and conditions, including cancellation and refund policies. Direct links to purchase printed patterns can be found on individual pattern pages, with increasing wholesale discounts available for orders of 10 or more copies.

Since Magcloud is a print-to-order service and does not maintain inventory, printed patterns typically take 1-3 weeks to arrive after ordering. If you are interested in printed copies of a pattern that does not currently have a link to a print version on its pattern page, please email me; I would be happy to add a print-optimized version of it to Magcloud for you to order. Preparing a digital pattern document for print publishing typically takes 1-2 business days. Note that some patterns originally published by third parties may not be eligible for Magcloud print distribution due to contractual restrictions.

Digital pattern files are not included when purchasing printed patterns from Magcloud. To purchase a set of individual PDF pattern download codes to be paired with printed patterns, please email me, as this requires a quote tailored to your needs.

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