Text: The Periwinkle Dragon Purple dragon eye with yarn ball and text: Original knitting patterns by Carolyn Lisle Text: The Periwinkle Dragon Purple dragon eye with yarn ball and text: Original knitting patterns by Carolyn Lisle
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Ochotona Hat and Cowl

The Ochotona Hat and Cowl are inspired by Ochotona collaris, the Collared Pika. Pikas live in the mountains of northwestern Canada, collecting vegetation in a frenzy all summer, then staying active while eating from their accumulated “haypile” all throughout the long winter. This stitch pattern reminds me of that haphazard stack of flowers, grasses, and leaves, all carefully stockpiled under a boulder by a tiny, adorable mammal. (Did I mention that they make possibly the cutest squeaking noise ever?)

Close up of knitted fabric with twisted stitches interrupting garter ridges. Woman wearing yellow and pink hat and cowl with matching twisted and ridged surface texture. Back view of woman wearing yellow and pink hat with circular patterned crown and twisted and ridged surface texture.

This cozy, comfortable hat and cowl set uses a unique all-over texture that is both beautiful and warm. The twisted strands in the pattern are easy to work, and they help highlight the subtle colour details in handpainted yarns.

Meant to be snugly fit, the hat is available in ten sizes from infant to adult and it features a crown knit in pattern as well as a coordinating twisted-rib cuff. The cowl height is perfect for keeping the wind of those blustery days of fall from getting through, but with a short horizontal and vertical repeat, it’s easy to fit this cowl exactly the way you like it!

These patterns require the knitter to be able to knit in the round, and they clearly explain all techniques required. Within the patterns you will find links to useful video tutorials as well, so the pattern is easily accessible to an advanced beginner knitter. Corresponding written instructions are provided for the charts.

The texture used in these patterns works with nearly any colourway, since it stands out on a solid colour, but also pulls out subtle dye details and breaks up pooling. However, self-striping yarn is not recommended.

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