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Spring Flurries Toque

The Spring Flurries Toque is inspired by the hardy flowers that can continue to grow even through frigid soil with a layer of snow on top of it. Did you know that tulips actually thrive under a blanket of snow, since that provides their new shoots with insulation as they grow? It’s always a beautiful sight to find lines of colourful flowers poking through a layer of spring snow.

Close-up of thick, neon purple ribbed cuff of knitted hat on a flat surface. Side view of child wearing white and neon purple toque with spiralling elongated-stitch texture and light purple pompom. Close-up front view of child wearing white and neon purple toque with spiralling elongated-stitch texture and thick ribbed cuff.

This warm, comfortable hat uses no-cable-needle cables and elongated stitches to create a unique and interesting fabric. Those elongated stitches also highlight the subtle colour details we all love in hand-painted yarns! Meant to be slightly conical and slouchy as a nod to the traditional Canadian toque, this hat is available in seven sizes from baby to adult and it features a crown worked in pattern as well as a contrast folded/doubled 2x2-rib cuff.

This pattern requires the knitter to be able to knit in the round (both on double-pointed needles and circular needles) and clearly explains all techniques required. Within the pattern you will find links to useful video tutorials as well, so the pattern is easily accessible to an intermediate knitter. Corresponding written instructions are provided for the chart. Add a snap pompom for an additional pop of colour!

The texture used in this pattern works with nearly any colourway, since it both pulls out subtle dye details and breaks up pooling, though it really shines with a solid Contrast Colour and a hand-dyed Main Colour.

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