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Sidewalk Chalk Shawl

The Sidewalk Chalk Shawl is inspired by simple chalk drawings that all run into each other in a limited space. Even in these times of social distancing, sidewalk art is a way for children in a neighbourhood to connect with each other and work together, hours or days apart, as they each add their own contribution to the concrete canvas.

Woman wearing a thick shawl that is white with multicoloured pastel stripes wrapped around her neck. Woman holding a triangular shawl with flat white and black speckled sections between bumpy pastel stripes as it floats in the wind. Close-up of a triangular shawl with flat white and black speckled sections between bumpy pastel stripes.

Worked at a comfortable gauge in a smooshy DK weight, this multidirectional shawl keeps your attention for all the right reasons. Garter stitch pops of colour combined with a neutral stockinette background allow for endless creative possibilities. It is made seamlessly in one piece, and is a generous size for wrapping and wearing without ever having to work very long rows. Extended “wings” at the far corners of the shawl make it easy to wrap and wear.

Although this shawl is worked in sections, it requires no seaming or picking up stitches. A rectangle is worked outward first, then two differently-proportioned triangles are worked using two of the sides of the rectangle to form an overall asymmetrical triangular shape. A continuous crochet edging to finish the shawl is fully explained -- no crochet experience required! The pattern includes links to video tutorials for many techniques, so the pattern is accessible to an intermediate or even an advanced beginner knitter.

Grab your minis and leftovers! The garter-stitch stripes can be worked in as many (or as few) colours as you like, and a full breakdown of yarn usage by stripe is provided to help you win at "yarn chicken"!

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