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MADvent Shawl

The MADvent Shawl is inspired by this crazy year of 2020. Who would have thought that 2012 would go by without a hitch, but 2020 would be nothing but disasters? The best word to describe this year, I think, is “mad”, since it has been both absurd and frustrating. I have felt mad a lot, in both senses of the word! I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for 2020 to be over, so why not take advantage of a fun yarn advent calendar to help count down these last few cursed days?

Woman wearing and holding a small, colourful crescent-shaped knitted shawl with undulating textured lines. Woman in a mask wearing a large, colourful crescent-shaped knitted shawl with undulating textured lines. Close up of the edge of a colourful knitted shawl with undulating textured lines.

Designed for 24 colours plus a neutral contrast skein in fingering weight, this crescent-shaped shawl is purling-free and lots of fun to make. It is made seamlessly in one piece, and is a great shape for wrapping and wearing. Work a little bit of the wavy edge every day and you’ll go from yarn in boxes to a beautiful, warm finished shawl in time for New Year’s Eve! You can wear it proudly as you count down to midnight on your couch in your pyjamas.

The wide, rectangular edge of the shawl is worked first, then the selvedge stitches are picked up with the neutral contrast colour and the crescent shape is formed using decreases. No short rows required! The pattern includes corresponding written instructions for the chart, as well as links to video tutorials for many techniques, so the pattern is accessible to an intermediate knitter -- or even an advanced beginner.

Grab that beautiful advent calendar you've been dying to open! Both sizes also require a full skein of a contrast colour to go with the edge colours.

No advent calendar? No problem! Gather up your leftovers and minis and make the edge in any combination you like. Go wild and make your colour choices reflect this ridiculous year!

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