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Azureum Socks

The Azureum Socks are inspired by Uracentron azureum, the Green Thornytail Iguana, a brightly-coloured spiny lizard native to the northern Amazon rainforest. These small reptiles have bold stripe patterns and distinctive spiked tails. Like many rainforest species, they are not well-studied, and little is known about the details of their lives except for their diet — which consists mainly of ants.

Close up of feet wearing green and black socks with texture detail. Small child feet wearing striped socks with texture detail between adult feet wearing green and black socks with the same texture detail. Crossed child feet wearing striped socks with texture detail and blue heels between adult feet wearing matching green and black socks with black heels.

These socks are designed for comfort, with ribbing across the foot and around the leg, plus a wide panel of texture for added interest. They are knit toe-up with a well-fitting contrast rounded afterthought heel, as well as contrast toes and cuffs. The right and left socks are worked as mirror images, and corresponding written instructions are provided for the chart.

This pattern requires the knitter to be able to knit a small circumference in the round (either on double-pointed needles or your preferred technique for socks) and clearly explains all techniques for increases, decreases, and picking up an afterthought heel. Within the pattern you will find links to useful video tutorials as well, so the pattern is easily accessible to an intermediate knitter who is just getting started knitting socks.

These socks are very flexible in size, so yarn requirements may vary widely. With its straightforward design details, this pattern is designed to complement any colourway — whether you love self-striping, variegated, solid, or speckled yarns, any of them will work with this pattern!

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