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Sand Gecko Socks

The Sand Gecko Socks are inspired by Pachydactylus rangei, the Namib Sand Gecko. This small reptile lives in southwest Africa and is an unusual creature — it is nearly translucent, with many of its organs actually visible through its skin! It has webbed feet for both burrowing in and walking on the wide expanses of sand in its desert habitat, and this pattern reflects the myriad paths these creatures leave behind there.

Crossed feet wearing pink-orange socks with cabled surface detail. Close up of crossed feet wearing pink-orange socks with cabled surface detail. Slightly crossed feet wearing pink-orange socks with cabled surface detail.

These toe-up socks feature a beautiful cable pattern on a stockinette stitch background to form swirling paths that travel over and under each other. This mirrored pattern fills the instep and gussets, then continues up the front of the leg only for a comfortable fit. They have a reinforced heel flap and a 2x2 rib cuff. With most of the rounds being speedy stockinette stitch, these socks are surprisingly TV-knitting-friendly!

This pattern is available in three foot circumferences and the socks are adjustable in length and height. It requires the knitter to be able to knit a small circumference in the round (your choice of method) and clearly explains all techniques required. Corresponding written instructions are provided for all charts. Within the pattern you will find links to useful video tutorials as well, so the pattern is easily accessible to an intermediate sock knitter.

These socks are best-suited for a solid or semi-solid colourway with only very subtle colour variations.

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