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Mixed Precipitation Socks

Ah, the most dreaded of all Canadian winter weather reports -- “mixed precipitation”! Flurries? Maybe. Freezing rain? Possibly. Sleet? Probably. Is it going to be icy? Slushy? Snowy? Wet? What is the appropriate outerwear? Will they cancel the buses? Should I put down salt so people can get to the sidewalk without slipping, or should I get ready to shovel a mountain of heavy, wet snow? Who knows; it’s a Mixed Precipitation Day!

Blue and white sparkly colourwork socks shown on one foot from above and on the other from the side and sole. Feet heel-to-heel wearing fraternal blue and white sparkly colourwork socks. Front view of fraternal blue and white sparkly colourwork socks.

These socks embody the spirit of that ambiguous weather phrase by going from mostly snow to mostly rain on one sock, and mostly rain to mostly snow on the other, both with a silvery sparkle of ice. Mixed Precipitation is a perfect first colourwork sock -- it is composed of only short, easy-to-remember repeats with no long floats to catch.

The left and right socks are worked identically; only the colours are swapped to create the fraternal-socks effect. They feature seamless gussets integrated into the pattern, a reinforced heel flap, and a twisted-rib cuff. These socks are knit toe-up with a traditional gusset and heel flap short-row heel. Corresponding written instructions are provided for the charts.

This pattern requires the knitter to be able to knit with two colours at once on a small circumference in the round (either on double-pointed needles or your preferred technique for socks). It clearly explains all techniques for increases, decreases, and short rows and provides many helpful video tutorial links. Therefore, this pattern is accessible to an intermediate knitter who is still relatively new to stranded knitting and/or sock knitting.

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